June 1, 2004

6/1/04 Vermillion SD

38 miles (929 total)

Woke up to more cold, grey skies. But as my route headed more northwest, I was pointed straight into the wind.

I have never struggled so much on the bike for so little mileage. I push as hard as I could and could barely keep it at 5mph. Just dip your head and hammer. Still, several times I had to get off and push the bike into those gale force winds.

Stopped for a quick bite in Elk Point. By the time I got to Burbank, I had given up any hope of reaching Yankton today. Needed all the energy a burger and fries could get at Wimpy's. Everyone was sympathetic to my plight, including my waitress JoAnne.

I reached Vermillion, home of the University of South Dakota, in the late afternoon and I was exhausted. Decided on another night in a motel. Picked a good one. The Super8 had big rooms, hot tub, pool and cable. And the staff was nice too.