June 2, 2004

6/2/04 Vermillion SD

0 miles (929 total)

Thought about checking out the town today but decided to keep off my feet as much as possible. My right knee has me a bit worried. It's not swollen, but sure is tender. Seems like it's going to collapse if I step on it just wrong. Not a good feeling when you think of how desolate this section is through the Dakota's and Eastern Montana.

I know it's just the weather and physical stress, but I'm having a lot of second thoughts about this trip. Because of the loneliness, these first weeks seem like just a continuation of the cross-country trip in 2001. And that did not end particularly well.

The farther I follow the Lewis & Clark Trail, the less of a connection I feel towards them. They wouldn't recognize the land today. It seems as everything is gone. The river is damed, and forced to follow a channel. All the wildlife is gone, along with the Indians unless you want to count the casinos. I'm leaving their journal here in the room for the next occupant.

To me, they just told me what I don't have that they did. Ate some dinner and stayed up watching the SciFi Channel.