May 31, 2004

5/31/04 North Sioux City SD

54 miles (891 total)

More, more rain last night. Clear this morning, but the wind is still relentless. And really cold. Had my windpants, jacket and gloves on because it was that cold. Temps in the 50's but I met the wind chill was in the 40's.

Grabbed a bite to eat in Sloan, and to get out of the wind. Everyone I ask says that the winds have been like this all Spring. On the road, it was a hard crosswind that blew me off the road more times than I could count. Trying to keep the bike going straight was like bull-riding. Your hands get cramped just holding on.


I'm following the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail as mapped out by Adventure Cycling, but sometimes the city information in Tod Rodger's book “Bicycle Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail” is better. Tod's book had an easy route through Sioux City that included the bike trail along the Missouri River. But with my luck, the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center that everyone told me was a 'must see' was closed. But did stop and talk to the guys at the Sergeant Floyd River Museum.

The Sergeant Floyd

The bike trail along the river was great. You could see houses along the bank with their own beaches and boat docks. Saw a few boats on the water but I'm sure the wind made things too choppy for most folks.

Didn't know too much about the State Park outside of town, so decided to splurge and get a motel room. But I could have picked a better place than North Sioux City, South Dakota.

The area clearly had built up because of a Gateway Computer Plant and video gaming casinos, but since the plant had cut back and there's now a river boat casino in Sioux City, the whole area here looked like it was dying a slow death. Dinner was Taco Bell because there wasn't anything else. Oh well, I'm out of the wind and rain tonight.

Wall sculpture in North Sioux City, SD