May 25, 2004

5/25/04 Lewis & Clark State Park MO

58 miles (548 total)

Quite a light show out last night. Not so much rain but the lightning and high winds made me glad I was not in my tent. And from the weather reports, the worst of it went right through where I would have been camping if I hadn't lost my wallet. Fate?

Kansas City skyline

A lot simpler to pack up this morning. Basically just changed clothes and I was ready. Mom gave me some banana muffins for later. But for breakfast, I decided to try a French bakery a few blocks from my house. Funny how you have to leave a place to appreciate it. I've lived in this neighborhood for a couple of years, but never ate at Cafe Apanaire. Boy, my mistake. The cinnamon roll just melted in my mouth. Definitely recommended by yours truly.

Skies still looked pretty grey, so I had the rain covers on and my jacket. But as I biked through the city, I kept changing layers to my windbreaker, then my long-sleeved sun shirt. The funny thing is that even though I bought this Calvin Kline cotton dress shirt at the thrift store, it's probably the nicest shirt I've ever owned. Now if I only had my cuff links. [smile]

Trains were a constant companion

In Parkville, couldn't really find a burger joint, so stopped in at Papa Frank's. I thought the lunch special might be light enough but then the waitress brought out these huge plates. Oh, well, I'm sure I need the the carbohydrates.

Back out on the road, the sun finally began pushing the grey aside. But it also could have been the winds. I should have guessed that it would be headwinds for me again today but the temperatures were so cool, I couldn't really complain. Plus, it seemed traffic was lighter today compared to Sunday.

Except around towns, the road is pretty flat since I'm riding through the river's flood plane. And right next to me is always the train tracks. Lots of trains today. One even gave me a toot on his whistle when he saw I was taking his picture.

Took the back way into Weston, another little town that's done a good job of attracting people to come up from Kansas City. Their museum, while small, is done up better than I've seen in other small towns. And what would a stop in Weston be without getting a free sample of whiskey at the McCormick Company Store. Had a good time talking with Dick behind the bar.

Kind of a take-your-time kind of day. Ended up pulling into the campground around 5PM. This is a very large open park. As I rode around checking out the place, I stopped at a gathering near one of the RVs. And before you know it, I was swept up into the hospitality of Jerry Gascoighn and his RV friends. They popped open a cold one for me and sat me down for conversation and laughter. Later another friend of Jerry's dropped off a plate of dinner for me. We moved the party to another RV and kept going till after 10PM. I was still in my bike clothes, so made my goodbyes and wobbled a little bit on my way to the shower house.

Jerry Gascoighn and my RV friends

As you can guess, didn't get much journal writing done. Ah, but I slept good...