May 24, 2004

5/24/04 Kansas City MO

42 miles (490 total)

In the morning, my email still didn't have word of success, so I made the decision to start back towards Kansas City. For any long distance biker/hiker, the unwritten rule is "at all costs, try not to go back." But if my wallet was truly lost, I needed to cancel credit cards and start getting replacements for everything, which would be easier if I was in town. Who knows how long all that would take. Besides, I didn't even have money to buy lunch. So, packed up and headed out in the early morning hours.

As fate would have it, the winds had shifted overnight and my headwinds yesterday turned into headwinds today as I headed in the opposite direction. [laugh] Checked my Pocketmail back in Parkville and breathed a sigh of relief that they had found both the bike rider and my wallet. Everyone wanted me to wait and not return, and they would drive my wallet out to me. But I was already halfway and figured I'd be home by lunchtime. They all felt so bad about what had happened, but no one was to blame, especially not the guy with the car. I was just relieved to know the wallet was found and that was all that mattered.

Got a little lost trying to get through Kansas City, KS, but eventually rode down my driveway a little after noon. A cool shower and lunch made the world alright again. Mom was a little surprised by my return but understood completely as I related my story. "Things always happen for a reason." she said. And watching the news tonight, she might not be too far wrong. Looks like severe storms and tornadoes north of Kansas City, just where I was to be riding today. So, probably a good thing to be out of the path and with a roof over my head as the rain comes tonight.

Actually, because I was so busy on Friday and Saturday running errands, I didn't really have a day off to relax. Even though I rode the whole morning, it was great to finally get that rest at home. Got my wallet back (Thanks guys!) and mom cooked up some homemade pizza for dinner, complete with ice cream for dessert. Life is good. [smile]

I'll watch the weather tonight and in the morning, and decide when to head out again. Onward...