May 20, 2004

5/20/04 Kansas City MO

32 miles (406 total)

Had another good sleep last night. But then I guess doing a 90-mile day over hills riding a loaded touring bike will do that to ya'.

Bob & Juanita

Bob and Juanita saw me off as I headed northwest to Independence to visit my grandmother. I missed most of the rush hour traffic, so it wasn't such a bad ride. But the humidity was already climbing. Ended up again on one of those gravel shoulders and this time, I did get a flat just a few blocks from my grandmothers nursing home. Oh, well, that's why I bring all those patch kits and spare tubes.

Grandma was so happy to see me, but everyone told her I was coming by. I had hoped to surprise her, but she said she didn't know if she could take too many surprises. [laugh] Everyone we passed, she'd tell that this was her grandson who is biking across the country. Grandmother can not see, but she gave the bike a good going over with her hands and declared it a good strong bike.

With my Grandmother

After that, I stopped to visit another friend Bonnie and her son Michael. Now I was getting hungry, making my way back toward Kansas City. Passed a church have a kid's bike rally and thought they might be some of my missing Lewis & Clark cyclists, but they just kept going around in circles. Had a calzone at my favorite restaurant, Minsky's, before heading home and a few days off.

The lost Lewis & Clark bike riders?

At Minsky's

The plan is to tie up any loose ends here, get the bike worked on, and look over my gear again. Probably only two days off, then I can leave town on Sunday to avoid all the traffic going through the Kansas City downtown.