May 15, 2004

5/15/04 Marthasville MO

42 miles (124 total)

Woke up to glorious blue skies today. You don't know how much that lift's our spirits.

After a quick breakfast at the outrageously expensive motel (everything was booked because of the Lewis & Clark Festival in St Charles this weekend), Dwinda drove us back out of town so we could drop Nomad off. It was so great to travel these first few days together. After an emotional goodbye with Nomad, she then drove me back to St Charles.

Nomad & Dwinda

Clark, Seaman & Lewis

The funny thing is that I arrived in St Charles on this festival weekend three years ago on my cross-country ride. Only this time it was a much bigger celebration. I actually stayed awhile and even watched most of the parade down Main Street. But the day was half over and I had at least 4 or 5 hours of riding ahead of me.

The Corps of Discovery 2004

Searched in vain for a grocery store to stock up on supplies for the next few days. Just decided to take my chances on finding something down the trail. A few miles past the casino, the trail took on it's green tunnel personality. Lots of people out and it was good to see whole families biking together. A long stretch of nothing but the trail out of St Charles.

In Defiance, I stopped for some frozen custard. Mmmm good! Then decided to get a burger at the joint next door. But still had miles to do, so hit the road again.

Finally got to Marthasville just before 6PM. Stopped off at Scenic Cycles to say howdy. They too were surprised at the low numbers of cyclists doing the Lewis & Clark Trail.

Went into Loretta's to ask if I could camp out back of her restaurant like I did three years ago. Loretta is all heart. Since I had that late lunch burger, decided on the salad bar. I'm trying to eat a bit better than my other trips.

I don't mind admitting that I'm pretty exhausted. Think I'll turn in early and write this down tomorrow.