May 12, 2004

5/12/04 Eldon MO

9 miles (9 total)

Packed up and ready to go!

I sit here listening to the klakety-klak of the train almost lulling me to sleep on this overcast day. And falling asleep wouldn't be hard to do. I've been up late every night for what seems like weeks getting ready for this adventure. I'm sure Lewis and his men felt the same way.

The farther east I go, the sun is poking a few rays through the clouds. this is my first train trip here in the USA. Clean, very spacious and everyone is pretty nice. Actually there's two of us traveling, me and my bike. It has it's own ticket. [smile]

Besides the weather, I've not had a great start to this trip. After stopping at work at the hospital to take CPR recertification, I headed to Minsky's for a farewell lunch at my favorite eatery. But since I was in a hurry, my to-go order was done wrong. Then, down at Union Station, security informed me I couldn't leave the bike unattended but also couldn't walk it around with me while I took a look around. And locking it up outside was also off limits because of the possible terrorist threat. So, I sat outside. Mom showed up to see me off. Boy, she must get tired of my comings and goings. [smile]

Waiting outside of Union Station in Kansas City

When I arrived in Jefferson City, Nimblewill Nomad and his girlfriend were waiting for me. After some heartfelt hugs, we headed down to the Capital Building. Outside, the structure looks like many capitals, but inside it was amazing. The entire interior was beautiful frescoes. This really is a must see if you are ever in Jefferson City. And we got to see the famous Thomas Hart Benton mural in the Senate Lounge.

Then we headed back to Dwinda's home in Eldon, MO. Dwinda is such a gracious host. We had dinner and I got to catch up with Nomad. Every few minutes, another relative would call wishing him luck and ordering him to take care of himself. The evening was great, but the best was too come. Dwinda's beautiful home is filled with antiques including the bed in the guest room. But when I sat on it, one of the legs broke. Boy, was I embarrassed. Guess I need to loose a few pounds. Dwinda told me that "old things break," so not to worry about it.