October 20, 2002

10/20/02 Salas de los Infantes

A very warm morning as Larissa and I walked the early morning hours to the train station. Met a few other pilgrims like Rejean from Quebec.

No more walking!

Because most of the others were traveling to France and Germany, I was in a car at the far end of the train. Typical train weather for me as we sped through a rainy countryside. Even so, the fall colors were beautiful. No reds, but a lot of golden yellow leaves turning. After leaving the mountains of the west, we then went through fields of endless golden corn ready for harvest. Too many memories of home.

Found Larissa in the dinning car. It is so hard to leave friends for what might be forever. I gave her the last of my chocolate to her. And gave her a warm hug goodbye. I will miss her.

Saying goodbye to Larissa on the train

Santi picked me up at the station. I wonder if Ampero and Santi realized they were adopting me into the family when I signed up to be a student. I would be lost in Spain without them. Had a small reunion as both Tina with her son Ian and José and Nati with Javier came by to welcome me back.

A tiring day even though I didn't walk much. I miss the Camino already. A strong desire or maybe a compulsion is driving me home. I just want to sit on the couch with my nieces Lauren and Andrea sprawled with me as one big tangle of puppies relaxing. Home soon.