October 19, 2002

10/19/02 Santiago de Compostela

Another beautiful day in paradise. Spent the morning just sitting down by the harbour with my friends. Josué already left this morning at 7am on his way home to Madrid. Most of the others were staying an extra day in Finisterre.

Colorful harbor of Finisterre

Getting on the bus, my whole 'pilgrim family' saw me off. Lots of hugs from Jessie and Camille, even Max and Isaac couldn't resist. Christopher and Vicente were there too. It felt like leaving my brothers and sisters.

Mi Familia: Isaac, Christopher, Max, Camille, Jim, Mary

I didn't fell well on the bus. The emotional parting was a factor, but lunch didn't sit well in my stomach and the bus was as hot as a sauna. Had to change buses in Baio. Thankfully it was a much cooler bus.

Back in Santiago, checked into the alburgue at the seminary, then off to the train station to get my ticket to Burgos. After shopping for family for what seemed like hours, I was exhausted. Later I met Larissa for dinner back again at Café Manolo. Had a difficult time getting to sleep, probably just too tired. My last night in a refugio.