October 17, 2002

10/17/02 Olveiroa

33 km

What a beautiful day!

Slept again down in the lounge last night because of my coughing. Wondering now if its related to my hiatus hernia, so I started taking my medication again.

Woke up to thick fog all around. Christopher provided breakfast after a late run to the store last night. It's amazing how everyone looks after each other. No grabbing or eating too much. People seem to make sure the other guy has eaten before themselves. And there have been a few good-natured fights over who is going to wash the dishes.

The fog still hugged the ground as we left the alburgue but you could see blue sky above. Yippie! A lot of the morning had us using ancient tracks through pasture and forest. A few clouds would appear but the sun definitely dominated the day.

Larissa, Camille & Max

Even though it was a long 33-km today, it was a pleasant walk through all the farms. It seemed as if the sun brought out all the people to take advantage of it. I think I said hello to and saw more farmers today than any other.

Jim at home in the corn

At one break this morning, Larissa suggested I listen to what my gut feeling was about my plans to visit England and Switzerland. Although I love my friends, I just think I need to go home. So I head back to Salas after this Camino for a few days and see if I can get my plane ticket changed to a few weeks earlier.

The refugio is a wonderful adaptation of several existing buildings. I have to say that these alburgues between Santiago and Finesterre, while small, are some of the best on the entire Camino. And later the hospitalero cooked a huge pot of rice soup with vegetables and squid. Just a great place.