October 16, 2002

10/16/02 Negreira

22 km

Glorious sunshine this morning!

To another late start out of the alburgue but the sun was out and was trying to push the clouds out of the neighborhood. Set out with Max and Josué. As we cut cross-country, the trail was more a single path through thick brush and forests.

Three or four times we donned raingear because of heavy rain but it usually didn't last long. Eventually made our way to Negreira just before another downpour.

Walking through a rain forest

While waiting for others to arrive, Josué and I went shopping for dinner. Cooked spaghetti for nine: Camille, Christopher, Vincente, Max, Jessie, Patrick, Larissa, Josué, Annette, and I. Later had more pleasant discussion with Larissa and then Patrick.

Just today, I began to feel that sadness that is inevitable in a few days when I reach Finesterre. It will be very difficult to leave the comfort of my companions.