October 14, 2002

10/14/02 Santa Irene

30 km

Another late start but who could blame anyone what with the rain just pouring outside. Not really looking forward to today's walk.

Galicia is supposed to be one of the wettest places in Europe. And despite the rain, it was a beautiful walk through the countryside. A few ups and downs, but not much work. All the streams were overflowing their banks and my feet were getting pretty wet and muddy. It's so wet here they have to use concrete fence posts.

Fall turning the leaves golden

Stopped for a burger in Arzua and talked with Max. Once Josué arrived, we all decided to keep on going, making it a shortened day to Santiago tomorrow. Turned out a very good idea because the heavy winds blew some of the rain away and we even had a bit of sunshine.

Pushed hard the last few kilometers because those same winds were getting stronger with lots more black clouds to come our way.

Racing those black rain clouds