September 6, 2002

9/6/02 Hacinas

The Romans were here

With only a couple of days left in Salas, I decided to play hooky from studying and took a long walk to Castrovido, on the other side of Salas. It's castilla (castle) can be seen seen for miles across the valley. A little warm outside but it felt good.

Roman bridge to Castrovida

Because I wasn't prepared for class, Amparo and I decided to spend the class time just talking, trying to improve my conversational Spanish. One topic I was interested in was her plans to build a school in Southern Spain. One of Santi's brothers is an architect, so she already has the plans drawn up. It even was handicapped accessible, not something seen here in Spain. Her ideas about how to make the school a viable business seem well thought out. I'd be very much interested in seeing the school up and running.

Tonight, Nati and I went to the movies. Since the town doesn't have a movie theater, in the fall, they show videos at one of the city's small auditoriums for free. They're showing "Lord of the Rings" next week.

Afterward had a few beers with Nati and her friends. With five brothers, some of them are always around town. Turns out Victor, the mayor and Nati's oldest brother, is only thirty-five. How come I always sthing people are older than me? I told them all, that I will be happy to see them again in November before I fly back to the US.