September 5, 2002

9/5/02 Hacinas

In the arms of Morfeo

Today was just another one of those days when I couldn't wake up. After breakfast, I tried to study but couldn't concentrate. So I played with Javier a bit. He's such a good boy. When I started to fall asleep on the couch, he did his best not to wake me.

More drums!

After a great lunch of albondigas (meatballs), I walked to Salas. The sun was out earlier today, but this afternoon, the sky was crowded with hundreds of clouds. A bit chilly walking.

Poor Amparo, I think I'm reaching the limits of my immersion, at least as far as my lessons go. I have such a hard time grasping some of these last bits of Spanish grammar. Later we talked about things Amparo was curious about in America, like the "Freemen" and the Amish people.

Before we left Amparo's, Javier and Miranda were engrossed in the movie "Monsters Inc". It's still amazes me to see American movies in another language.

We ate dinner early tonight, about 11pm, because everyone is feeling a little sleepy. When I tried to translate "sleep was catching up to me", Nati told me a common phrase used in Spain. "Caer en los brazos de Morfeo". Which translates into "To fall into the arms of Morfeo (the god of sleep)."

Just two more days here. I'm a bit nervous about the Camino but I'm more sad that I'm leaving here. I could stay a lot longer. I told Nati I will definitely come back next year.