September 2, 2002

9/2/02 Hacinas

Sad because I'm leaving soon

Amparo came by this morning to collect me and Javier for some simple fun in the park with her and Miranda. While Javier scooped dirt over my sandals and Miranda ran circles around a big tree holding on to a feather, Amparo had me talking to her in Spanish. Just some no pressure gab. The kids sure enjoyed it.

Later after lunch, while Javier was taking his siesta at home, I walked an hour back to Salas for class. It was a warm but the pesky flys were a real bother. Actually hit myself in the head trying to swat them away.

Every home was decorated with flowers

This afternoon's class was a complete disaster. It was as if I'd forgotten everything from the last three weeks. A weekend can do that to you. I think my biggest problem is that I never learned English grammar properly in school and it's making learning another language's structure all the more difficult.

Amparo helped me make travle arrangements to go to Toulouse. My time here will be over in a few days. I told her about my plans to return in November before flying home and she was excited. Even telling Nati and José my departure date was a bit sad for me. They have truly treated me as one of the family. Even Nati was surprised when I told here I'm going to miss her cooking. José only laughed. These two and Javier are very special.