September 11, 2002

9/11/02 Toulouse

Remembering 9/11

Cindy had the day off, so we took a long drive to Conques, a city that's hardly changed since the Middle Ages. But the real fun was all the time Cindy and I got to talk on the drive. We're sure two peas-in-a-pod. Definitely someone to keep in contact with.

Intricate carvings over the church's main entrance

We got back to Toulouse in the early evening just in time to see a showing of the movie "September 11", a film where eleven directors were given 11-minutes to do anything they wanted. There were short films from all over the world, some artistic and some more documentary, but from different points of view (other than the USA). Powerful stuff.

Then we raced off to a Wednesday Buddhist prayer meeting that Cindy usually goes to. Even though the monk said all the prayers/chants in French, they found an English translation so I could follow along. I think it was a fitting end to my stay here in Toulouse as it was kind of a spiritual cleansing for the start of my pilgrimage to Santiago.