August 30, 2002

8/30/02 Hacinas

The Russians are coming!

For the last three weeks, I've been watching masons finish the last remaining sections of stonework on Natí and José's house. They finished this morning and spent most of the day packing up. The only thing left to do on the house is to put in the lawn sprinkler system and lay down the sod. It's a beautiful home, but Natí says she's jealous of our green lawns and white picket fences in the US.

Tonight after class, we went to another free concert put on by Salas. It was a traveling troupe of dancers, singers and musicians from Russia. Even though most of the town's summer residents have left, the performance still attracted a standing room only crowd. It was a good show.

The only downside to these evening gatherings is that I find myself in groups of people and I can't understand a word. It doesn't help that my brain is exhausted after class. We always seem to run into Natís family. Her brother, Oscar, must think I'm a complete idiot because I still can't understand him when he talks to me. All I do is give him that 'confused' look and he gives up with a smile. I know Amparo has taught me everything I need to know to carry on an adult conversation but I feel I'd be more comfortable in the kindergarten class. I'm glad I usually forget these feelings by the time I wake up.