August 29, 2002

8/29/02 Hacinas

Home construction

A little chilly this morning but it really warmed up by the afternoon.

Watched some of the new home construction down the street. All the walls are made of hollow bricks. It will be interesting to see how it progresses.

New home concrete and brick construction

Doing more stone work

Amparo says we are about done with all my Spanish grammar, so we'll be doing more conversation practice from now on. I'm glad I came for this immersion but it's been intense. Amparo has crammed over a semester of college Spanish into my head in just a few weeks. Now all I have to do is sort it out.

Tonight, I had the sad realization that I'll be leaving here soon. I have gotten comfortable attached to Natí, José and Javier, my adopted Spanish family. And I know I have close friends with Amparo, Santi and Miranda. I hope in my heart, that I can keep connected to these new friends for many years to come.