August 28, 2002

8/28/02 Hacinas

Summer is over

Today was much too cold to study out on the porch. But that confined both Javier and I inside. I think I might be a bad influence on him with our rough play. He's just starting to test his physical limits and you have to watch him close in case he goes too far. We had a lot of fun playing fooseball on his miniature game even though it was broken. Who needs to spin the handles when you can just reach in and score a goal with your hand. I figure he beat me 10-0, even though he didn't realize they were made on his own goal.

After a lot of wrestling, I needed a nap before lunch. I hope I don't need all these naps while walking the Camino. The clouds obscured the mountain-tops all day but we didn't get any rain. Should be sunny all over Spain tomorrow afternoon.

I realize now that Amparo knows that I can't absorb all this material this fast, but she's hopeful if I do it right the first time, it will come easier later. She said my best teacher on the Camino will be to talk Spanish as often as I can with as many people as I can. I already have a very good grounding in pronunciation she said, which will help a lot. Other students have had years of Spanish in their home countries but had difficulty speaking here. We talked a bit about how to continue my lessons once I get back home to the USA.

Had 'anchovies of the north' tonight along with salad and bread. Not bad at all. But I wonder what it's doing to my cholesterol.