August 27, 2002

8/27/02 Hacinas

Couldn't wake up today

A weird day for me today. I got up at my usual time, had some hot cocoa and toast for breakfast and opened the books to study. But I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't feel sick, just exhausted. Much to Javier's disappointment, I decided to take an early nap. Found myself waking up after 1pm. Javier attempted to make up for the lost morning with me by trying to cram several hours of play into the short time we had before lunch. But as I was finishing lunch, I noticed blood on my hand. Went to the bathroom mirror and discovered dried blood from a nose bleed. I just wonder if I'm not adjusting to the altitude. Maybe if I drink more water?

Since I slept the entire morning , instead of an afternoon siesta, I took a walk around the pueblo. Pictures just can't capture these surroundings; mountains all around, with pastures scattered on the valley floor. I can see several other pueblos from the hilltops of Hacinas. If it wasn't for the stone buildings with their tile roofs, I'd swear I was in Montana or Oregon.


Nati & José live in the second house from the left

I wasn't very prepared when the time arrived for my Spanish class, but Amparo was understanding. I get very frustrated because sometimes simple sentences I want to say to me don't translate well. In my lessons I'm learning that many commonly used phrases in Spanish don't translate well either into English. My lessons are speeding along but I'm still worried about my conversational skills. A plus for me though is all the time Amparo has been helping me work on my pronunciation. When Natí tries to say something to me in English, I have difficulty understanding it because of her pronunciation. Hopefully with the dictionary or phrase book, I'll b able to say things correctly on my pilgrimage.

Even with my language difficulties, we still seem to communicate. Yesterday Josí and I talked a bit about politics and the death penalty, while tonight Natí and I talked about American film. One day I'd really like to have a conversation with them withough using a dictionary.

Before bed, Javier had all of us participating in his imaginary band while Natí, José and I played our imaginary instruments.

A little too short for dad's saxophone