August 26, 2002

8/26/02 Hacinas

Mountain biking with Miguel

Today I went exploring with Miguel on mountain bikes. Miguel and Eva were supposed to be my original host family but Eva is the deputy Mayor. With so much of her time devoted to the festival last week, they didn't think it would be a good match at that time. I seem to see Miguel almost everyday. He is much loved and admired by everyone I speak to. During the school year, he drives the school bus, but he's a retired National Policeman. A very interesting guy, but he doesn't speak a word of English.

When he found out I loved to ride bikes, he has wanted to take me out on one of his daily rides. The weather cooperated and we set out before lunch. The soil here is very sandy and you could hardly find any evidence of the deluge we received yesterday. We rode on old farm roads, most just two tire tracks on the ground.


We ended up in a nearby village called Castrillo de la Reina. We sat outside the bar drinking Cokes and amazingly, communicating. Migue was very patient with my poor Spanish and frequent use of the dictionary. I was glad we got out on the bikes and hopefully, we can do it again.