August 25, 2002

8/25/02 Hacinas

The rain in Spain...

Our plans ended even before they began today. Although the sun was up early, the clouds rolled in fast. When it began to rain, it really rained. It seemed to last hours. José said it was a sign that summer was coming to an end.

The view off the front porch

So today became a good day to be lazy. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so sleepy but I figure my body knows what it needs. Javier is definitely harder to please when he's confined indoors, especially when he's got three adults for attention. After a few wrestling matches with Javier, I took a long nap after lunch.

I didn't know what we were going to do since our excursion was rained out. The doorbell woke me out of my siesta, but I was surprised that it was Amparo, Santi and their daughter Miranda. We sat around and visited while the two kids burned enough energy to light up a city.

Miranda can 'ROCK!' too

We ended up going to a slide show presentation on Morocco being shown in Salas. And then we drove to nearby Castrovidas for a photo exhibit on Egypt and Kenya. To get to Castrovidas from the main road, you cross the river using a Roman bridge, just barely wide enough for a car. To think it's lasted all this time is amazing.

Amparo says that if the weather improves, we might still take our excursion later this week. With the way everyone talks, I think I'm in store for quite a bit of rain during my pilgrimage walk next month. Sure glad I brought rain gear and an umbrella.