August 23, 2002

8/23/02 Hacinas

Learning a language is hard

Well, I've had two weeks of Spanish lessons as of today. I think I've come to the dangerous transition where I know just enough Spanish to get into trouble. Tonight Natí and I went to a free outdoor theater production. Very funny by the crowds reaction but I barely cought a few words. Afterwards, we went for a drink with a few of her girlfriends. At one point, one of the women asked me if I was going to come back to Spain. I thought she asked me if I'd ever been to Spain before. When I said "No!" she seemed upset and wanted to know why. That's when I got confused and said I didn't understand. Natí translated the question again and I said I would definitely come back to Spain. See what I meat about language getting me in trouble.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever learn enough Spanish in this four weeks to be comfortable on the Camino. José says I already know more than most foriegners I'll meet. Amparo is working very hard to get me as far in the language as I can in this short time. I have my own textbook and she's constantly xeroxing things that I might need or be interested in. I hope I can see them all again before I leave Spain and "actually" be able to talk to them in at least a little bit of conversational Spanish.

Well, it's after 2am and I need my sleep. Tomorrow we go on an excertion to one of the top archeological sites in the study of human evolution near Burgos. I hope the weather is better because it's been cloud, cold and rainy all day.