August 21, 2002

8/21/02 Hacinas

Couldn't keep awake

I just couldn't seem to keep awake today. I slept in until 10am. Tried to study and then had to take a two-hour siesta after lunch. I could have even taken another nap while waiting for Amparo to pick me up for class. She said it was probably a combination of things, the most significant being the altitude and the Spanish day. Her first American student, Alex, never did get used to it and he was here five weeks. Plus, she added, I'm probably still trying to catch up for the sleep I lost during the fiesta.

Nati's kitchen which is the center of the house activity

I actually started making a few sentences today in Spanish. I thought I saw Amparo cringe once during my lesson because of my pronunciation but she says I'm slowing getting it. It's hard to see the word written and not sound it out with an English pronunciation. Especially when the Spanish and English word are spelled very similar.

Amparo told me today that Nati and José have really enjoyed my stay and that if I extended my time here, they would be happy to have me. I guess that reflects on how my brothers and I were raised by our mother. They even said Javier misses me while I'm at class. I hope I have made some life-long friends here.