August 20, 2002

8/20/02 Hacinas

Studying to the beat of Javier's drum

Took another long walk this morning all the way to Salas, about 50-minutes along the bike path. I'm slowly recognizing landmarks in both Salas and Hacinas, enough not to be totally lost.

Another warm day and I spent most of it studying out on the porch. Javier joins me most of the time, always wanting me to "Mira! Mira!" which means "Look!" or to play the drums with him. His parents say has has a good natural rhythm and this fall at school, he will be taking music class for the first time.

Class wasn't as hard tonight but I keep wondering if it will take me years to master just the basics. Nati asked me yesterday if I felt comfortable enough with the language to go buy some bread at the baker in Hacinas. I chickened out.

It seems every meal here in Spain has some new experience for me. Tonight we had salad made with lettuce, carrots, onions, hardboiled eggs, potato pieces, bean sprouts, and tuna, all topped off with olive oil but no vinegar. And I noticed that no one uses salt or pepper at the table. But for the second course, of which most meals have three, we had fried squid. Not bad. Oh, will my family be surprised.