August 19, 2002

8/19/02 Hacinas

Back to class

This morning while Nati and José went to work, I decided to get out and explore. In the Salas area, they have marked three 40-kilometer mountain bike routes to ride or walk. One of the routes passes in front of Nati and José's house. The highway seems a bit dangerous to ride on, but I still see many people doing it. So, I thought if I could find my way from Hacinas to Salas, everyone wouldn't have to chauffeur me around. It's only 2½-km to Salas but I got lost twice. No matter, I made it home in time for lunch.

The back road leading to Hacinas

While his parents are at work, Treni babysits Javier and does the housekeeping. She's even more shy than me and speaks no English. But she absolutely adores Javier and has a special way with him. She's gentle, never raising her voice and has the patience of Job.

As the sun really started to warm things up, I tried to study. Last night I tossed and turned because of a late night cup of coffee with José. So I kept falling asleep on my books in the afternoon heat.

Class with Amparo was very frustrating today. I had trouble with pronunciation all last week, but I think today was even worse. We started working on grammer. I understand how everything works, I just can't remember it. I think I've been speaking English too much and not taking full advantage of this total immersion concept.

We spent some time with Cristina at the plaza this evening before heading home for a late dinner around midnight.