August 18, 2002

8/18/02 Hacinas

Peaceful day after...

Rolled out of bed around 1pm to try and finally begin studying. I found myself napping several times today. As José said it was a peaceful day, especially compared to the fiesta. We ate lunch out on the porch and later watched several youth soccer games being played on the soccer filed across the street.

Watching the game from the porch

Geme, Pedro and Alberto stopped by on their way back to Madrid now that the festival is over. I hope I get to see them again before I leave Spain. Tomorrow everyone will be back into a normal routine. José will be gone by 8am and he thinks he will be very busy after his week's vacation. Nati will be back at the city offices, while I have the day free to study or anything else I want to do because class isn't until 4pm.

It will take days, or maybe weeks, to let the whole experience of the fiesta and the peña sink in. If I went home tomorrow, I'd rate this my best trip ever. I am so happy I came here.