April 15, 2002

4/15/02 Kansas City, MO

One year ago today, a very nervous guy loaded up his bike at the Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA, to begin his tour. I had never even done an over-nighter on the bike. But oh, what a tour - coast to coast and border to border. Something like TEN THOUSAND MILES! Am I crazy or what!

My friend Ed, reminded me that I should do something special on this anniversary date. And I am - announcing my next adventure! I'll be leaving the 8-to-5 work world to head to Spain in August. A year ahead of schedule. Yep, I'll be spending four weeks in an immersion Spanish course before heading to the French-Spainish border to start walking west some 500-miles across Northern Spain along the Caminar de Santiago, also called the St James Pilgrimage.

Enjoy the journals. Hopefully, before I leave for Spain, I'll be adding lots of pictures to the Show Me America! website. Again, I can't thank you all enough for your interest and support.

See ya' on the road....