October 7, 2001

10/7/01 Comfort, TX

70.7 / 9088 miles

This morning, I saw more vultures and backyard tennis courts than I'd ever seen. Coincidence?

Woke up with the tent drenched in dew. No choice but to pack it up wet. Thought about thanking the ranger again but didn't want to get him in trouble, so I silently left the park. No sooner had I got back on the road when I met yesterdays 47MPH downhill's twin brother, only up this time. That hill seemed to go up forever.

Instead of up on a ridgeline, I was more on a plateau. Funny, but the landscape reminds me of an African savanna. I saw more deer than cattle. By the looks of the high fencing, I'm sure they harvest a lot of both.

Trees, trees, trees!

At one point, the sky overhead was covered with vultures. It was like the moving 'Birds'. There were so many, I couldn't count. Kind of spooky.

Once I started following the Guadalupe River, I thought it would be all downhill. Nooooooo! I must have crossed that stream a dozen times, all with a sharp uphill out of the ravine. I definitely had a good workout as I neared Hunt, TX.

I wish I could describe the river as it flowed down the valley, but most of it was fronted by large mansions. Every mile or so, another dam would create someone's own personal crystal-clear swimming hole. "No Public River Access!" Lots of iron gates and backyard tennis courts too.

Kerrville was kind of a disappointment. I guess I was expecting something 'down home' at this site of the famous Folk Festival. Most businesses were closed I assumed because it was Sunday. On a high note, I knew I was in the south when I stopped for lunch and they served 'sweet tea'. My favorite!

Started passing more farms and agriculture but won't be out of Hill Country for another day or two. In downtown Comfort, I met Paul and Jerry Baker, who own a B&B in nearby Boerne. To bad it's not on the way or I would have loved to stop there. RV Park-USA is a little ways off-route, towards the interstate. Nice people.