October 5, 2001

10/5/01 Wes Cooksey Park

90.3 / 8970 miles

Had a few sprinkles last night and it's still cloudy as I rode through Del Rio. One thing I noticed trying to sleep was how humid it was. Haven't had to worry about that since I don't know when.

Stayed on Hwy-90 again today. Just a lot of long, straight road. Passed the Laughlin Air Force Base. That must be why I've seen so many military jets above the desolate areas I'm moving through.

Got some lunch in Brackettville. One guy had a lot of questions about my trailer. He said they used mountain bikes to cover more ground while hunting but haven't found a good way to bring the shot deer out. "That trailer just might work!" he commented.

Finally got off the busy highways and had a long stretch on 'ranch road'. In 30-miles, I don't think a handful of vehicles passed me. And a few of those were Border Patrol. Since entering New Mexico, I haven't seen any Highway Patrol, so I guess the Border Patrol does both.

Moved from desolate rangeland to the 'foothills' of Texas. Kind of reminds me of the Flint Hills of Kansas, and the geology looked similar. There's still a lot of desert fauna here like cactus, but I'm beginning to see some trees and there's a lot of thick grass. Things just seem greener.

I've passed so many dry rivers that I was surprised to actually see water gushing over a spillway. The campground is situated on the banks of the Nueces River. Checked in but headed into Camp Wood some four miles away for some dinner. By the time I got back, you could already see the thunderclouds moving in.

On the map as a river, but where's the water

Sat in the office visiting with the campground hosts. But when the rain finally started, I made a mad dash to my tent. You might have to go all the way back to my nights in Kansas to find the last time I was confined to this small tent because of rain. I just hope the river doesn't flood tonight. That would be a bummer!