October 14, 2001

10/14/01 Greenville, TX

75.5 / 9626 miles

A restless sleep last night, either because of no air conditioning (and the window wouldn't open) or because of my impending finish.

It's a weird phenomenon when you get so close to the end of a journey. It's as if your final destination grabs you into it's gravitational pull and you keep moving farther and faster the closer you get. My senses still take in all I see, hear, smell (and taste but that's a different story) but the mind is totally focused on moving forward.

Because I thought traffic would be lighter on Sunday, I decided to take Hwy-69 towards Emory, then Greenville instead of the backroads. At least I was assured a nice, wide shoulder the whole way. The sun was beaming as I dropped off my key at the front desk. Breakfast consisted of several complimentary honey buns with an apple to go.

Pedal, pedal, steady spinning. Look up every once in a while. Pedal, pedal, continuous circles. A beautiful day! Not too hot, dry and don't forget that sunlight. Things noticed today were grasshoppers. Hundreds of them! Like any Buddhist, I avoid running over bugs of any sort while I'm riding. But here today, there were just too many of them. For every grasshopper I missed, I could still here several crunches, including those jumping into the spokes of my wheels. Reminds me of all the caterpillars in Virginia.