October 11, 2001

10/11/01 Navasota, TX

61.2 / 9363 miles

After getting settled in, I rode to the edge of town to get some dinner at "The Coop", as in chicken coop. Eggs are the cities biggest business right now. Good food while talking to the owner's sister who helps at times.

Besides writing in my journal, spent the rest of the evening reading magazines in the clubhouse. Sure wish they had a couch because my butt is sure sore. One thing that all the humidity is perfect for are my old friends, the mosquitoes. Too humid to use the sleeping bag, so I just lay there.

Woke early to a major thunderstorm. The lightning seemed non-stop, flashes everywhere. Ron, the manager, later told me it rained over half an inch in about thirty minutes. When looking for a tent site, I chose one void of ant mounts. After all that rain, I now know why. Got up to find the tent in about 2" of water. Just great!

Got everything packed up as dry as I could. Said goodbye to Ron who said the rain should be over. And as I left, sunshine appeared on the western horizon.

But my route was more north, taking me back into the path of more storms. I'm sure the farmers and ranchers I passed thought I was crazy. Lots of rolling hills like back home in Missouri. It would rain, clear up, and the sun would break through for a minute or two before starting all over again.

Got lucky when I rode through Independence, TX, because the Texaco Station was a store with burgers fresh off the grill. If it wasn't for the rain, it would have been a pretty nice day.

At Washington, I learned a bit of Texas history. Did you know that Texas was an independent nation before it later became part of the U.S. They even had five presidents. This small community on the Brazo's River was even the capital before it later became Austin. Guess we all could use better lessons in our own nations history.

A few sprinkles as I rode into Navasota. This is where I leave the Southern Tier route and head north on my own to Denton. Decided to splurge and get a room. Spent a few minutes talking with Amish at the motel. "I've picked up all sorts of phrases working behind this desk," he said. Besides some Spanish, he also knew a little Japanese.