September 3, 2001

9/3/01 Jenny Lake

0 miles

Said adios to the three amigos this morning, hoping they cross paths with Mike, Todd and Whitney, or even Kris and Didier. I sure would like to see the gang again.

The shore of Jenny Lake

Decided to do a bit of hiking and I wasn't disappointed at all. First, walked the 2.0 miles around the south end of the lake to get to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. But really, the highlight of the day was the Cascade Canyon Trail. After a short steep climb, the trail was very moderate as it followed Cascade Creek upstream. The views were magnificent, especially the waterfalls on the south ridge. I probably went about four miles before I took a break for lunch.

There's just something about the power felt as you view these awesome rock spires towering overhead. Maybe that's where man got the inspiration for the impossibly tall, ornate spires for a cathedral. Add to that, the deafening sound of waterfalls, and you can't hear yourself think, becoming that much closer to being one with the universe.

I just wish I'd been here in the spring to see fresh snow on the peaks and the colors of a winter wonderland waking up to a new season. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. At first, it was sunny but cool. But as the day went on, clouds and a breeze moved in to keep the temperatures wonderfully cool. After coming back down the canyon, I followed the trail along the north side of the lake, a little over four miles to camp. A large section on the northwest side showed evidence of severe fire damage. Wonder if that was recent or from the fires in 1988?

By the time I got back, some 14.3 miles later, I was a bit tired, using muscles accustomed to cycling. But it was an awesome day.

After washing the trail dust off in the lake, I relaxed in camp with only the mountain breezes as company. I still hold out hope that someone will join me at the hiker/biker tent sites but it's not looking good. Oh well, the holiday crowds are leaving in droves, signaling yet again, the end of summer.