September 29, 2001

9/29/01 Van Horn, TX

35.5 / 8539 miles

Weird sleeping in a bed. Guess I'll get used to that again. The weatherman calls for cooler temperatures for the next week, low 80's. Now that's good news.

Ended up eating breakfast at Martin's Restaurant which is owned by the big brother of the woman who owns the Cactus Grill. I'm so used to getting on the road early that it's hard to slow down on a short day. Followed a frontage road for 19-miles alongside the interstate. Not much to see but the occasional train. Overhead a Sanyo dirigible flew past. Now that's a way to travel. Quite a few truckers honked at me but not sure if it was the flag or not.

The prevailing winds are usually out of the southwest but I'm traveling east. So the winds are out of the east! Naturally. Came through a border patrol checkpoint and while everyone was waved through, I was stopped for a few questions. At least they didn't make me unload everything out of the trailer. So I'm glad it's a short day because the wind is definitely pushing hard today.

Made it to Van Horn just after lunch. Lots of businesses, motels and such on the main drag but no traffic. After grabbing a bite to eat at Dairy Queen, I went in search of the library. It had just closed but had a sign saying that it was without internet access so it didn't matter.

After the trouble I had yesterday trying to camp at the RV park, stopping at Eagle's Nest RV Park was a welcome relief. Kay Jackson, one of the owners, was happy to have me. The cyclist discount and a grassy tent site next to the bathrooms and showers make this an ideal layover.

Had dinner at Pizza Hut, but first had a soft-serve ice cream cone at DQ. Food has been a funny thing this trip, evolving into something else as this trip winds down. In the beginning, eating dinner was for the social interaction. But now I'm just tired, too lazy to cook. And that's not even taking into consideration the costs. Good thing my brother said I could come to work for him when I get back home.

Also tenting nearby is Dave from North Carolina. He just got his MBA and is headed to L.A. to look for work. Everything is packed up in the car, including his mountain bike. He said that after two days on the road alone, he too wishes someone was with him. Layovers in New Orleans and Austin just weren't any fun with out sharing them. I definitely could relate!

The stiff winds have made a hot day rather pleasant. Got a long day ahead tomorrow, over 90-miles. But just that much closer to Denton.