September 27, 2001

9/27/01 El Paso, TX

60.1 / 8419 miles

Slept pretty well. Kind of surprised that there was so much dew on the grass. I thought for a second that the sprinklers had been on.

At first, traffic was heavy and I didn't have a shoulder. But as I left Las Cruces, traffic dropped off tremendously. And a road shoulder appeared. Some more farms but mostly barren land. On one side, the railroad on the other. And very, very flat.

At the suggestion of a gas station attendant, I took a pretty major highway through the industrial area along the Rio Grande. Not sure why, but traffic was pretty light. The first thing I notice about El Paso was all the people, people everywhere. And all speaking Spanish. Kind of sensory overload.

El Paso museum

Had to go to two libraries before I could check my email. Too bad because one of the alumni contacts that D.G. suggested was twenty miles back the way I came from. And that alum was Margaret Varner-Bloss, TWU Athletics Hall of Fame (1994). Again, my anger is so close to the surface. Why can't I get the people at TWU in Denton to help me get these contacts. I just want to finish this ride and go home.

Decided to push on to the RV park outside of town instead of checking into the hostel at the Gardner Hotel downtown. Mistake! Eventually found it but kept asking for directions. Got a tent site with a plot of grass the size of a table placemat for $22. But I've got a full hookup: electricity, water and sewer. Compared to Doc's in Mesilla, this is like night and day.

Got a bite to eat and sat down looking at my route. I hope tomorrow goes better than today. Had a flat on the trailer wheel. And a guy in a black pickup decided to spit a wad of tobacco at me. Welcome to Texas! Hoping to make Del Rio in seven days.