September 21, 2001

9/21/01 Santa Fe, NM

0 miles

Called work first thing this morning. Things are not going well at my hospital. The patient census is so low, the staff feel the hospital could close at any time. In my department, people are routinely sent home early every day. Deb said under the circumstances, the best she could do for me was an 'on-call' position instead of 'full-time'. We all hope that things will pick up as winter approaches. Guess I'll have to polish up that resume when I get home. And I'm glad my mom has that spare room in the basement.

My new 'mom' Chris

So I could have a break from all my bike riding, Chris let me have the use of her car. Went for AYCE at Cici's Pizza, then got a whole hour of internet time at the library branch inside the mall. I had planned on visiting the Georgia O'Keefe Museum [] but by the time I got out of the library, it was getting near time to meet with D.G. Templeton, president of the local Santa Fe TWU Alumni Chapter.

Turns out D.G. and Chris go to the same church, so they knew each other well. Small world! Sounds as if D.G. tried all day to find some more TWU Alumni to meet with me, but because of the short notice, she had a hard time. Because of my medical background, she took me to New Mexico Sports Fitness & Physical Therapy, a clinic owned by TWU alum, Harry Chalmers. Unfortunately he was away on business. David, one of the trainers was nice enough to show us around. D.G. and I stopped somewhere for tea and a bunch of conversation. Mostly we talked about Texas Woman's University. I'm hoping that my fundraising trip will inspire a few students to do something similar next summer. Maybe we can even get an annual thing going.

Spent way too much time talking so I was starving by the time D.G. dropped me off. Chris has been such a gracious host. We went out for dinner again, Chris insisting on picking up the tab. Later back at the house, we indulged in a few bowls of ice cream. Mmm, good.