August 2, 2001

8/2/01 Bay View State Park

35.8 / 5529 miles

I had a farewell breakfast with Pat and Tracy at Rick's, a diner where the older waitresses wear polyester and are called "Flo". Had one stop before leaving town, getting a book about Chi Gung which uses movement, breathing and massage to increase chi, our life force. Emily had recommended Daniel Reid as a good author on the subject.

After that it was "haul ass" time. If I missed the 11:20AM ferry, the only other one was at 6PM. I had about 15-miles to do but also needed extra time because of customs. Had to take off my raingear because of all the sweat I was generating. Besides, the rain never materialized. Followed what seemed like an interstate back to Sydney instead of taking the bike path we came in on. Made it with time to spare.

Haul-ass time on the interstate

Waiting for our ferry, I met Doug, a school teacher from Alaska. He'd been biking Vancouver Island and doing some scuba diving. Sounds as if he's bike extensively all over the world. We ended up talking the whole ferry trip.

This ferry was pretty fast because it was a direct to Anacortes. I think customs agents are the same the world over. Very suspicious with no sense of humor. I was first through customs and glad because I didn't have any proof of citizenship like a birth certificate or passport.

Got some lunch, then a few groceries for dinner, and last, bought a new chain at Anacortes Cyclery. Justin, the owner, said I have one of the most scenic rides ahead of me as I cross the Cascades on Hwy-20.

You won't believe this but I had a headwind as I rode east. Must be storm winds because they were warm.

I'm at the Bay View State Park, camped next to a group area which has about twenty younger campers with a summer program. Did chores like changing my chain. Rained a bit after dinner but stopped.

Heard very bad news this morning. The Vermont family I met in Wyoming on tandems had an accident involving a tractor-trailer in Illinois. Kara, one of the girls was seriously hurt, requiring four surgeries in the last two weeks. Still not sure of her injuries but there was mention of external fixation and muscle flaps on her leg. They were allowed to take her home this week.

And if that wasn't enough, Virginia, Nancy's mother, has been diagnosed with colon cancer and they're recommending surgery. Keep both these women in your thoughts and prayers.