August 15, 2001

8/15/01 Whitefish, MT

0 miles

Spent the entire night tossing and turning, thinking about my choices on how to continue the trip. This morning I talked to Mike again about backing out of the Divide. His plan is to try and catch a Dutch couple a few days ahead.

I think I'm just scared. The Divide is a whole new ballgame, so my 6000+ miles already done doesn't seem to help my confidence. I got something to eat and generally wandered about town. If Mike ends up leaving tomorrow instead of today (he's waiting for some replacement parts for his front shocks), I'll try it for a few days. That will get me close to Missoula. So if I really want to bail out, I can. I know everyone will think all this anxiety is weird considering this in exactly how I planned the trip. But ever since Oregon, I thought I'd be alone and end up doing a road trip.

This is a wonderful hostel that Marisa and Wayne run (along with a little toddler). It's been open for three years but they're thinking of affiliating with Hostels International so they can get a few foreign guests. I had heard about the place from Wade (another cross-country cyclist: Florida-to-Alaska 1999 []). When I mentioned him, Marisa knew exactly who I was talking about. Seems they still keep in touch.

The bike feels great, the mechanics at Glacier Cycling did a superb job of tuning it up. Did errands like getting bear spray and food, along with trying to check email. Talked to Jan again and she's happy I'm going to try the divide. Later, Mike and I had dinner at Serano's Mexican restaurant. Then it was late night packing. Where did I get all this junk?

Ah, the beach!