August 1, 2001

8/1/01 Victoria, Canada

14.1 / 5493 miles

Got a tent site but not on the beach. After getting settled, a walk out to the sand was nice because the wind was coming off the warm land mass instead of the cool water.

The beach and campground are that way

Rode through small farms along a bike path until we reached the outskirts of the city. At the first bakery, we stopped for breakfast. A real, live bakery! Besides all the danish and donuts, they also had loaves and loaves of bread. All three of us went in to buy a second helping.

Besides language, the hardest adjustment for me to a foreign country is its currency. Canada has $1 and $2 coins besides all the ones we have in the States, but it's not always easy to remember which is which. Like in the bakery, I just help up a handful of change for the girl to pick out what she needed. Another thing. the exchange rate right now is $3 Canadian to about $2 American. Makes a big difference when you compare prices.

Our route took us to the heart of downtown. In my mind, I was expecting a quaint English village, but instead I find myself in a cosmopolitan city that makes Kansas City look like a country hamlet. Seemed as if every other person was speaking a foreign language. And all the shops reminded me of London or San Francisco.

After checking in at the huge youth hostel, capacity 100, we just went walking along the waterfront. Went by the Parliament Building before going to the museum. The best part being the extensive First Peoples exhibit. For lunch, we ate Vietnamese, a first for me. Mostly we just walked around. The sky was a bit overcast and cool, but no rain.

The Parliament Building

Pat and Tracy hadn't been to a movie the whole trip, so we went to see the "Planet of the Apes." Afterward, we stopped to get some dinner and a few beers.

Cyclists Pat & Tracy

That evening, the hostel was a beehive of activity. We talked a bit with a German who had just finished a couple of months biking British Columbia and was headed for Australia next.

At lights out, I found it difficult to sleep. I'm always conscious of my snoring in an environment full of others trying to sleep. I then end up in positions I don't prefer like on stomach.