July 3, 2001

7/3/01 Missoula, MT

0 miles

Adventure is a voyage of discovery. Many say there is little left to find, that everything has been done or seen. But our imagination has been diminished by our over-dependence on technology. Mankind's focus is so narrow, we lose everything. But to follow in the footsteps of our early explorers, we must expand that focus to include everything if we ever hope to discover the boundaries of our inner landscapes. Music, philosophy, the arts, like dance and painting, are essential ingredients.

I dream a waking dream of crossing America coast-to-coast, border-to-border. Adventure Cycling says that I might be the first to complete the TransAm and Great Divide in a continuous tour. But, technically, I won't be the first because of my side trip to home. Someone else will have the opportunity to claim that honor. But my adventure gives me the right of naming it the Blue Ribbon Route.

photo by Greg Siple at Adventure Cycling Association

My discoveries, like those of any early explorer, are dictated by my lack of knowledge and the need to fill in those gaps. No experience or skill is too trivial or unimportant in my tool chest.

In this world of greed and rampant materialism, no one, absolutely no one, can take knowledge that you have learned. By embracing the unknown, you come closer to fulfilling man's destiny among the stars. Follow your inner guide, the one God gave you, and dream impossible dreams.