July 28, 2001

7/28/01 Belfair State Park

61 / 5344 miles

Heard good news yesterday. Emily is engages. I know she called home a few times as we rode together. Her partner, Peter was to meet her halfway between Sisters OR and Corvalis. And that night, he popped the question. Wonder if Emily biking with such an eligible find as myself spurred Peter on. I'm happy for her.

Had all my raingear on as I said my good-byes to the gang at the hostel. They had decided to call it a weekend and go home because of the rain.

The problem was the rain never started back up. I'd only riden a few miles when I was soaked under my rain jacket. No point keeping it on at the point. My windbreaker was fine, but I kept the raingear close at hand. Hardly saw a soul on the road this morning.

A brief respite from the traffic

By the time I reached Shelton, the sun was out. So much for weather forecasts, but who's complaining! More friendly librarians here as I checked my email. The only problem leaving town was a road called "Northcliff." You get the idea, straight up, no shoulder, lots of traffic, and it was lined with thorn bushes. Ouch!

The busy traffic would be with me almost the rest of the day. In Belfair, I even had trouble crossing the main street because of the steady stream of traffic. When I pulled off the main route to head toward the Belfair State Park, I was shocked when traffic actually increased even more. Plus, the bike lane was so overgrown, I rode in the car lane most of the time. Didn't seem to slow the cars down any.

The park is full but I'm alone in the hiker/biker area. The rangers at the gate agreed that they've seen a lot less cyclists this year. I'm stuck in the corner next to two roads, one of which is the busy one I just rode in on. Lots of kids around and most adults look my way but don't seem talkative.

Still looks like the clouds could open up again any minute.