July 21, 2001

7/21/01 Rickreall, OR

0 miles

Got to spend the day with Chris, his wife Elaise and their two children, Isreal (age 8) and Gabriel (age 4). We drove to Corvalis for daVinci Days. The best part was the Kinetic Sculpture Race. These human-powered inventions race a road course today but must also do a river and mud course tomorrow. But time is only one category judged, the others being Artistry, Pagentry and Engineering. I guess my favorite was Hog Heaven but The Drowning Man had some great engineering. We basically just wandered as Isreal tried to get Kinetic Sculpture trading cards from all the racers. And we watched a street performer with a pretty funny act. All that was outside the gate so it didn't cost us a thing.

There goes Fifi

Hog Heaven

We dropped Elaine off at work and the 'guys' headed over to grandma Kathy for dinner. I've got to meet Chris, who's into computers, Steve, a landscaper, and Dave, who works in the school district. Everyone is super nice. Even the kids, although they've got too much energy.