July 19, 2001

7/19/01 Rickreall, OR

0 miles

Opened my care package from home and started going over all the maps for the second part of my journey. It didn't take much to overwhelm me. Sat there on the bedroom floor almost in tears. Put me into a major funk. Serious doubts blossomed in my mind. As lonely as I've been, the Great Divide route is even more isolated. Plus I probably won't see many cyclists, if any, for the rest of my trip. I'm seriously considering ending the trip at Oak Harbor, WA, home of more relatives.

Seems like all my plans and schemes for my future came crashing down with the realization that I get so lonely. I miss the comforts of friendship. I've been lucky with my riding partners. But starting this second half of the trip shows me how difficult it will be to move from home and find work elsewhere. I just might have to be forced to do it, or find someone to go with me (or maybe I'll follow her).

Spent the day being lazy, trying to let the things in my head settle. Listened to my new CD's, Lunasa (The Merry Sisters of Fate), a celtic group and Baaba Maal (Missing You) a West African I think is from Senegal or Mali. Both albums are very good.

Frank and Kathy have been so good to me. I've enjoyed being part of their lives, even if only for a few days. I tried to make some sense about ending the trip talking with Kathy. Not sure if I succeeded. Spent a ton of time on Frank's computer, getting my internet fix. I miss my computer.