June 5, 2001

6/5/01 Tribune, KS

48.2 miles

Because the AthletiClub has a pretty extensive swimming and gymnastic program, it shouldn't have surprised me that I heard kids arrive for their 6 AM swim laps. I couldn't tell if it had rained last night, but, because of the cloud cover, I prepared for the worst. I even added some warmer items because of the cooler temperatures.

Although today's ride was much like the last couple of days, I can't say it was boring. Because you can see for miles, the huge expanse of farmland is broken up by small towns and their grain silos on the horizon.

Arrived in Leoti much earlier than expected. The museum hadn't opened yet, so I went in search of breakfast. A local gentleman pointed out La Hacienda Restaurant. Inside I had trouble deciding on breakfast, so I ordered a lunch burrito instead. Patty had moved here from Hutchinson three years ago. "The BAK comes through here on Saturday," she said. She has gotten a reputation in those three years as having some of the best cinnamon rolls on the ride.

Karen at the Museum of the Great Plains was happy that I came back. They had some good displays collected from local people. The most fascinating was a complete dentist's office with portable chair and foot-powered treadle drill. This particular dentist started with no training. He and a partner had an office in a railroad car and would go from town to town. He later went back to study dentistry at Baylor University.

Still overcast as I made my way to Tribune. A few milestones today. This is my last night in Kansas. At 3500 feet above sea level, I've been inching my way up to the base of the Rocky Mountains. And I've passed into a new time zone. Since I have an extra hour, I've heard they have a theater and bowling alley here. Just might have to "paint the town."