June 29, 2001

6/29/01 Twin Bridges, MT

45.5 miles
What's he smiling at?

Had a bit of a late start this morning. Using an adapter on my tire inner tubes, I tried to get a little more air pressure using the air hose at the gas station. I think it helped a little bit.

Then stopped by the high school to talk to some of the CycleAmerica group as they were getting ready to head out in the opposite direction.

The road out of town was uphill for ten miles to a pass. It was slow going, but not that difficult. Then came the 3-mile screaming descent. At 48 MPH, I decided on the side of caution and applied the brakes to slow down.

Yee Haa! Downhill!!!!

At the bottom was Virginia City, the only city listed in its entirety on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the buildings are original, dating back to 1860. Some of the shops appear as if someone just locked the door and left, leaving behind shelves full of goods. Truly amazing when you see it.

After Allen, Maggie, and I had breakfast at the Madison Hotel, we all split up to wander about town. Just down the road is the ghost town of Nevada City. The next town of Laurin had a beautiful stone church dating back to 1901. Then, along the road came Robbers Roost. Pete's Tavern had a whorehouse upstairs and was infamous because of its less than honest clientele.

The infamous Robbers Roost

After all the sight seeing, the sun was making it a bit hot. Even though it seemed like I just ate, I had lunch at the "Prospector's Drive-In" in Sheridan. Great, large, cheap soft-serve ice cream cones! After dropping some mail off at the post office, I see Allen and Maggie's bike in front of the Sheridan Bakery & Café. As they finished their lunch, we discussed our options for the day.

Because it was almost 3 P.M., it seemed a stretch to ride another 38 miles to Dillon. Plus, because it's such a large city (population 4,000), the only camping is several miles off route. So it looks like a short day today, and possibly a long one tomorrow to Jackson.

I've decided to bike with these guys while I have the chance (they're headed north at Missoula). They are fun people and after so long alone on the road, I enjoy the company.

The valley here is pretty wide, but you can still see mountains on all sides. We're camped at the county fairgrounds. Still no sign of my friend, Jim, and the Adventure Cycling group headed east.

Well, gotta go. Meeting Allen and Maggie for a beer in a pub.

Camping with Alan and Maggie