June 16, 2001

6/16/01 Kremmling, CO

45.6 miles

Another beautiful morning. I ended up riding to Dillon to wait for Scott at the Blue Moon Baking Company. He needed to find a safe place to park his car for the night. Another great egg bagel sandwich.

Talked to a few customers about the ride, including one who did a cross-country ride "decades ago." Already it was getting warm as we headed through Silverthorne. As with all the cities here in Summit County, we had a bike path all the way through town.

A trout fisherman's dream

Scott is a pretty strong rider, even though he hasn't pulled his trailer in a long while. The ride generally was downhill, with a few short climbs. We were making pretty good time despite a headwind.

At Bob's suggestion, we took a side road to Heeney for lunch. The food at the Green Mountain Inn & Restaurant was good, but it took a while to get it. The owner seemed a bit frazzled because they were short-staffed without a waitress.

Another mailbox

Finished our ride around the Green Mountain Reservoir, which was real low, to join back up with the route. The wind started to change direction and the traffic was a little heavier as we made our way to Kremmling. Scott even recognized a few places along our route from his Great Divide ride in '99.

Entered town in the midst of Kremmling Days Celebration. As I headed to the cyclist area behind the fire station, we met an east-bound cyclist, Ken from Alaska. Because it was still early, Scott decided to ride back to Dillon. It was great to meet him and I hope to see him again when I come through on the Great Divide.

More snow-covered mountains

Had dinner with Ken and later walked among the town's party. Later, they had a big bonfire. That's when I met Lee, another east-bounder, this time from England.

Even with the sun long gone from the sky, the temperature wasn't that cold. Guess coming down a few thousand feet has a big effect.