June 15, 2001

6/15/01 Heaton Bay Campground

0 miles

Dillon Reservoir

Well, not exactly a zero mile day, but I'm camped at the same spot. It was pretty cool last night, but I slept warm in my down sleeping bag. But must have slept in a weird position, because my neck sure was stiff.

Said goodbye to Bob and headed out under a sunny sky, but still a little cool. Again, the views of the sun beaming down on the mountain peaks were awesome. Took the bike path all the way to Dillon. Found the Blue Moon Bakery for an egg bagel sandwich - very good! Because the bike path doesn't always follow the road, I got a little turned around. Stopped in a gas station for directions. Their instructions didn't sound right, but I followed them anyway. Next thing I know, I'm back in Frisco. Now I'm discouraged. Because I'm supposed to meet Scott, a Great Divide rider, tomorrow, I decided to take a zero day here. That way he has a shorter drive from Denver and he can ride part of the way with me to Kremmling. Maybe have lunch in Heeney. Bob back at the campground was surprised to see me back. They're such nice people, Phyllis said I could camp with them again.

After lunch, I walked among the old mining buildings at the Frisco Museum. I think all the housing expansion here in Summit County could take a lesson from the one-room simplicity shown in these old cabins. Then I headed to Copper Mountain on another one of the many bike paths. The trail followed the highway, with a mountain stream alongside. I couldn't believe it when I passed a large mound of snow. Couldn't resist making a snowball. It was a nice ride.

At Copper Mountain, I asked directions to some of the hiking trails at a gas station. When Jim found out what I was doing with the bike trip, he asked, "Are you Forrest Gump?" Humor aside, he directed me to the trailhead for Wheeler Lakes.

The hike up was pretty steep, with a lot of switchbacks. It didn't take long to find myself in beautiful forests of Pine and Aspen. The higher I went, the cooler it got. In places there was still snow. Some of the trail was muddy from snowmelt. After about an hour, I finally made it to the lakes. Words cannot do the view justice. And, unfortunately, my camera batteries decided to go dead. So, just imagine a mountain lake with a meadow, surrounded by white-tipped mountains, with nothing man-made in sight. All you hear is the sound of the wind and the babbling of a brook. Heaven!

Headed back down to Frisco and the campground. I called Scott, who decided to come down tonight and ride the whole weekend with me. Because the campground was full, Bob and Phyllis said Scott was welcome to camp with me.

Scott got to camp pretty late, but we still sat up for hours talking. Besides a few beers, he also brought some excellent cake from a neighbor who works at a bakery. Mmmmm!