May 7, 2001

5/7/01 Hodgenville, KY

39.6 miles

The rain stopped just long enough for us to get to the tents. Later it started again and went for hours as I fell asleep.

Mike and I are geting used to this early start to our day -- out by 7:30 A.M. again. The first couple of hours flew by. We definitely were riding faster through cultivated farm land. And we only had one major climb.

Overcast skies in farm country

Then the wind started to pick up, straight into our faces. By the time we had gone 40 miles, we were dead tired.

One thing we are learning is to be adaptable. The hotel/campground in Hodgenville no longer allowed camping. Because more rain was predicted, we opted for a motel room, my first of the trip. Good thing, too, because by evening the sky was unloading over a month's worth of rain in one day.

Across the street was the Lincoln Birthplace State Park where the actual cabin is protected inside a granite structure.

The guidebook also talked about an increase in box turtle sighting today and they weren't wrong. After seeing several smashed ones in the road, I found a fellow 3/4 of the way across. Mike said my first attempt at saving this turtle reminded him of a grenade toss. I'll try and be gentler the next time.

Well, it's still raining outside and I've gotten a good dose of TV for awhile. Can't wait till I'll get to see a movie (maybe in St. Louis). A 55-miler planned for tomorrow with clearing skies, but still a bit windy.