May 4, 2001

5/4/01 Berea, KY

61.7 miles

Because of the heat and long day ahead, Mike and I had planned an early start. But the whole valley was socked in with fog. We ended up staying for breakfast to wait until visibility was safer.

Said goodbye to Bubba again as we headed off to Berea. It still surprises us how different central Kentucky is. Working farms, more homes than trailers, and the drivers have started to wave back at us.

Mike in my rear-view mirror

A few particulars Mike and I have noticed here in Kentucky: They have a lot of churches, especially "old regular Baptist" churches. Seems we find two or three nearby homes, and a church will be built among them. The other thing we see almost as much as churches is post offices. We must pass a half a dozen each day, some with nothing else in the vicinity.

We had been warned so much about dogs in Kentucky. Mike was dying to try out his home-made dog repellent. Today, he finally got to try it, even though some dogs actually ran away from us (a rare exception!). It's just that most dogs are fenced in.

Getting something cool to drink

We stopped for a much needed water break at Todd's Grocery. We talked to the mailman who was taking a lunch break. "I just sit in the middle and drive with my left hand and foot," he said. "I have a lot of trouble driving the normal way now."

Without a care in the world

After that, it was just a hot afternoon of riding. Most hills were short, but very steep. But we did make good time into Berea. Mike and I have a habit of coming into town at rush hour on a two-lane with no shoulders. Today was no exception. What a way to end a day -- with a white-knuckle uphill into town.

I quickly got settled in at the Old Kentucky RV Campground, taking a shower while Mike did laundry. I wanted to get to the library before it closed so I could check my email. After that, I met Mike at Mario's Pizza and Pasta, a TransAmerican must AYCE. I asked about a theater, but they told me that this college town doesn't have one. In the morning, we were to find out that the bike shop had closed, too.

After making phone calls to home, we ended up in the tents, as a few roosters ran loose in the RV park, serenading us to sleep.